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Many of us were born with specific talents, but some stood up in their chosen field - just like these now well-known actors who started the industry of acting at a young age. As you watch different genres of K-dramas, you"ll see these familiar faces, for they grew up in front of our eyes.

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Yeo Jin Goo

Before he became Goo Chan Sung in a hit Korean drama "Hotel De Luna," he started showing his acting skills in the film "Sad Movie" in the year 2005, and from that debut, who would have thought that it was the start of his long journey as an actor.

The year 2012 in a drama titled "Moon Embracing the Sun" became a turning point for Yeo Jin Goo, it is where he played the young character of Young Lee Hwon (on the other hand Kim Soo Hyun of It"s Okay Not to Be Okay played the adult version of the said character), & his emotional performance made him attract more audience.

Being one of the lead roles in a 2013 film "Hwayi: A monster Boy" as Director Jang Joon Hwan which he portrayed a more mature character as a boy becoming a monster, a film which has a storyline about violent kidnapping and murder. Yeo Jin Goo managed khổng lồ show his role well, and improvements in his actions can be seen throughout the films and series he had. He is continuously making a name in the Korean entertainment industry.

Kim So Hyun

The world for talented people seems lớn be getting smaller, like Yeo Jin Goo, but at a young age of six, Kim So Hyun had her break as an actor in "Moon Embracing the Sun" as she played the role of young Yoon Bo Kyung. The year 2015 must be Kim So Hyun"s year, at the age of 14 she took the lead role as Lee Eun Bi & Go Eun Byul in the KBS drama "Who Are You: School 2015" which she brilliantly portrayed two different characters, proving that she has more khổng lồ offer with the acting skills that she naturally have. In the same year, Kim So Hyun played again a double role in OCN"s crime drama titled "Reset".

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In 2019, in a Netflix original series, "Love Alarm" Kim So Hyun portrayed as Kim Jo Jo, which also received a lot of good feedback và revealed to lớn have a second series in 2021.

Kim Hyang Gi

Started her acting career when she was just two years of age. Having different projects at an early age, Kim Hyang Gi once said that film sets were her own personal playground.

With her touching performance in "The Queen"s Classroom," she garnered praises for her portrayal as Sim Ha Na. In 2017 she unfolded a new chapter in her career in a fantasy thriller "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds."

Years 2018 và 2019 have been good years for the actress for she continuously received different roles to prove that she is a versatile actress.

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