Dell's flagship laptop got a 2019 update with refreshed specs, a brand new webcam design, and a cheaper entry-level model, helping it keep its crown as the best laptop you can buy
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The XPS 13 ticks all the boxes. It looks great, the build chất lượng is excellent, it’s nice và portable và has a wide range of specs lớn choose from.While not a massive upgrade from last year’s model, it’s had some solid refinement including getting the webcam back into the top bezel & also introduces a more affordable vi xử lý core i3 edition.

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From $899 | model reviewed $1,299

The Dell XPS 13 has cemented itself as the máy tính xách tay of choice for many professionals & consumers over the last few years & that is certainly no accident. It is one of the first máy tính lines that comes to mind if you want a smart, portable and powerful companion on your trips around the world or even just around the home.

The 2018 XPS 13 was a real triumph but can Dell really improve on what has become the best máy vi tính for many people?While last year’s mã sản phẩm had some respectable steps forward, this year is much more about refinement và smoothing out the (very few) rougher edges of the device.

The prime focus for this year’s version is around the webcam which has been delicately reunited with the top bezel after vacationing down below the screen for a while. Although a welcome change, this being the flagship feature for a new device does perhaps suggest a broader lack of innovation across the laptop market that all manufacturers are feeling.

Check out ourcomparison between the new và old XPS 13 modelsto see how they compare.

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Price & availability

The Dell XPS 13 for 2019 (the 9380 in mã sản phẩm number) is available now from Dell và Microsoft. You’ll also be able khổng lồ find it on Amazon và Currys too.

Pricing is cheaper this year with the XPS 13 starting at just £999$899 due lớn the addition of a vi xử lý core i3 mã sản phẩm with a Full HD screen, making the entry-level option more accessible – though this cheap mã sản phẩm is only on sale direct from Dell.

Moving up lớn the core i5 (still with a Full HD screen), you’ll need to lớn splash out £1,379/$1,199 for the performance boost, while the vị trí cao nhất spec with an i7 and 4K touch display is £1,649/$1,449.

We think the XPS 13 is the number one máy tính xách tay on the market right now, but if you want lớn see some alternatives, kiểm tra out the best laptops you can buy, all reviewed và ranked.