Hoi An is not only famous for the well-preserved ancient town but also many other new and interesting attractions & Cam phái nam Island is one of the must-explore places in your danh sách of things to vày in Hoi An.

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Cam Nam is a little beautiful island that lies next lớn Hoi An old town surrounded by the downstream branches of Thu Bon River. It is such a small pearl of Hoi An with the green of betel nut, coconut trees, bamboos.

Cam nam Island Location

Connected this beautiful Island with Hoi An ancient town is a 200m long bridge. This is the main traffic hub lớn connect Cam nam ward khổng lồ the đô thị creating favorable conditions for economic & cultural exchanges.

Cam nam Bridge

There are many beautiful riverside Hoi An hotels & restaurants selling Hoi An specialties: quang noodles, Cao Lau, corn sweet soup, Chicken rice at affordable prices.

Cam phái nam Island Map


Cam nam Island History

According khổng lồ the genealogy of the clans và the stories of the elders in the village, Cam phái mạnh (formerly known as Cam Pho village) was born relatively early compared khổng lồ other areas of Hoi An town.


At the kết thúc of the 14th century, this desolate dune lying in the middle of the Hoai River became the birthplace of the people who migrated from the North. They take the farming works and fishing as their livelihood.


The names Xuyen Trung, Chau Trung, Trung Tin, phái nam Ngan appeared associated with the process of reclaiming people, establishing hamlets of the ancestors of the Tran, Huynh, Le, & Nguyen tribes from the late 15th century lớn the 17th century.

What to bởi at Cam nam Island Hoi An?

Traveling khổng lồ is this lovely island, visitors can visit Cam nam giới village khổng lồ discover the typical cultural features of the locals. You will see the houses here are made of bamboo thatched.

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Coming khổng lồ Cam phái nam island Hoi An, visitors will experience a trip to a peaceful village with thatched roofs và the faint scent of areca flowers.

Corn sweet soup cooking in the Island

In addition, visitors can visit the locals’ cooking areas for freshly corn, and also enjoy delicious, glutinous corn soup with its own sweetness of colostrum milk, a specialty dish of Hoi An ancient town.


Coming to lớn Hoi An, you can’t miss the famous và unique cuisine such as the rice paper in the hut shops along the Hoai River, or go lớn one of the best-fried mussel shops on the riverside. It is processed meticulously & has a very characteristic sweet taste of mussels prepared by the people themselves.

Cycling around the island village

Next, you can rent a bicycle to go around here, visit all the rustic and wild landscapes in peaceful and beautiful countryside only in Hoi An.

If you have traveled to lớn Hoi An, then you should explore Cam nam Island khổng lồ discover the peaceful land, cultural traditions, and unique cuisine of the people here.

Cam phái mạnh Village Hoi An Projects

Cam phái mạnh is tending lớn become a garden resort, symbolizing rural villages in Central Vietnam. An investment project lớn build a garden resort along Hoai River, located lớn the west of Cam phái mạnh Bridge, with the name “Vietnam Country Village” is forming on an area of 12,000 – 15,000m2.


Along with creating space, the project will create almost all the daily activities of a rural Vietnamese village in production such as plow và harrow with cattle; rice cultivation, harvest; or other activities such as spinning silk, weaving, knitting bamboo, wood carving, pounding rice.